Potato chips production line of the production process
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Automatic potato chip frying machine production line is one of my company's main products, product quality, price concessions, sophisticated technology. Over the years by the majority of customers love and support. Many people may not fully understand the production line of potato chips, the following to introduce you to the automatic potato chip production line process:
      The potatoes are first peeled and washed as raw materials.
      The washed potatoes are transported to a steam peeling machine or a mechanical peeling machine. And then into the second washing machine, the residue paste in the potato surface of the potato skin washed away. The potatoes after washing are transported to a test bed for manual sorting and finishing of peeled potatoes.
The belt conveyor feeds the peeled potatoes to the microtome. The potatoes are cut into pieces as needed. And the free starch was washed with water.
The chips are then sent to the blanching machine for blanching. The chips from the washing and blanching process carry a large amount of water. Using a vibrating screen with strong winds, the individual chips are separated and the attached water is dried. And then transported to the frying machine, the water content of potato chips from 80% to 2%, to be crisp products. The oil content of the finished product of the fried crisps is between 30% and 40%. Fried potato chips are transported to the oil drain belt, drain the surface of residual oil. Fried potato chips are transported to the drum seasoning machine for potato chips seasoning, according to different products to add different seasonings. The seasoned potato chips are then transported to the packaging plant where they are packed in the desired size and shape.
      Above is the automatic potato chip production line process, I hope for your help.
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