The company has a robust product after-sale technical service system, stringent measures in the product after-sales service and strong technical force, to ensure product where service team to go. Various technical services with the maximum possible to meet user requirements. And the company is still all over the country established a strong sales network and offices, which includes not only provide you with state-of-the-art design, quality products and competitive price, the more need to provide good technical support and after-sales service. Before is not aware of your needs and satisfaction, our work will not appear on any stop.

Pre-sales service commitment:

1. The special needs of product design, manufacturing, to meet the customer's individual needs.

2. The company strictly according to the contract arrangements for production, shipping, guarantee supply according to the time specified in the contract.

Service commitment:

1. the problems caused by products sold, factories actively assist the user to solve the problem, in order to ensure that the product is put into operation in a timely manner to minimize the loss of the accident.

2. major equipment installation, commissioning, on-site technical service experts from led on-site service to solve the various problems of the user. Key projects accredited site representative.

3. the company's products to reach your office, the technician will be responsible to help guide the installation, commissioning work.

4. Actively cooperate with the user to do a good job of on-site operation and maintenance management, factory spare parts and accessories can be provided at cost to the user at any time.

5. adhere to the principle of "quality first, customer first, at the disposal of the user's call, when the site service is required, I plant to ensure that the user received notification within 24 hours to reply within 72 hours to reach the scene, emergency situation the fastest means of transport arrived 32 hours.

6. equipment maintenance, such as quality problems, the company responsible for maintenance free and arrive within 2-5 hours of the call and reply.


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